Do Hot Tubs Help You Lose Weight?

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of a hot tub? Maybe it’s a scene from a movie or a T.V. show – the wealthy boss or stressed professional, leaning back in a pool of warm water with a facemask and cucumber slices over their eyes, and a cool drink off to the side. Or maybe instead you picture a bunch of rowdy teenagers, throwing a party in their parents’ empty house. But whether you’re picturing a rager or every movie’s spa routine, hot tubs have recently become more popular for their health benefits for those of us on the other side of the screen.

The foremost image of a hot tub is that it is a luxury for those moments when one is well and truly tense. However, despite being most well-known as a stress reliever and a muscle relaxer, hot tubs have been proven to help with everything from joint pain to decreasing inflammation. 

Read on to find out more about the health benefits of adding a hot tub to your home. 

How Do Hot Tubs Affect The Body?

Hot tubs aren’t just for Instagram supermodels and Blockbuster actresses – the average user can also reap plenty of benefits. Having access to a hot tub can help your body relax by allowing hot water to take the weight off of aching bones and having the warmth expand blood vessels, allowing for increased blood flow to inflamed areas.

Hot tubs have been shown to be useful for a variety of chronic pains and joint issues, including those that become more prevalent in middle-aged adults such as fibromyalgia. As one gets older, hot tubs have been seen to reduce the painful symptoms of various types of arthritis. 

The repeated, long-term use of a hot tub has also been shown to be more beneficial than a one-time soak that works only as a short-term fix. Investing in a hot tub, especially for those who are affected by chronic conditions, is worth it! For those lucky enough to have avoided health issues within that vein, plenty of advantages still exist.


Do Hot Tubs Burn Calories?

There is some especially interesting research that points to hot tubs helping with weight loss, from a study published in 2017. It was found that an hour spent in a hot tub burns the same amount of calories as a half-hour walk. It’s one of the more surprising bits of research to come out within the last few years, but it proves that when added in as a part of an exercise plan, a hot tub is a game-changer. Its use as a muscle relaxer means that it is vital in preventing next-day soreness after exercise, especially when added as part of a regular cool-down stretch routine. A hot tub will allow you to continue your regular schedule without experiencing the drawbacks of finally starting your workout plan. 

Can Hot Tubs Reduce Cellulite?

On the cosmetic side of things, the increased blood flow is good for more than just helping cool down and avoiding post-gym soreness. When using jets, the beneficial properties of hot tubs can help to massage away cellulite scarring. Cellulite is a fat deposit beneath the skin that can cause it to appear lumpy and dimpled, and it most commonly occurs on the hips, thighs, buttocks, and belly. A hot tub can help minimize the appearance of cellulite thanks to its ability to tone body tissue, as well as to reduce fluid retention and swelling that can work against you and make the cellulite scarring appear worse if not managed. More common in women, the main treatment for cellulite today are creams and oils, or expensive and sometimes uncomfortable laser treatments. If you have already been considering paying the several grand necessary for a laser treatment, it might be a better investment to spend the money on something that will be used several times and that will come with several other benefits that can be shared by the entire family. 

Should I Get a Hot Tub?

Overall, the hot tub’s reputation is only the barest sliver of what it can do for you. Beyond their reputation in teen ‘coming of age’’ movies and early 2000’s chick flicks, they have been proven to reduce stress, reduce the ache of sore muscles, help with chronic joint pain, decrease inflammation and soreness, burn calories, and reduce cellulite scarring. It’s a multipurpose addition, not just in terms of health benefits but also as part of any social or family life. It’s a spot of warmth during the colder months when no one wants to go outside for fear of freezing their toes off, a relaxing spot to hang out with family or friends, and a great addition to any afternoon gathering. 

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