How hot tubs work (parts and their functions)

A hot tub is a large tub of warm-to-hot water used for entertainment, socialization, or hydrotherapy. Hot tubs are usually kept outdoors or underneath a gazebo. If you’re considering purchasing your own hot tub, you may wonder, how do hot tubs work in the first place? 

Hot tubs come with various different parts and will require much upkeep and maintenance to ensure you have a safe and fun experience. The technology that goes into the construction of hot tubs is rather straightforward when one considers the parts that go into them and the upkeep necessary to ensure that they continue to function correctly.

You are aware that the water flows, but you may not be aware of the other processes that occur in between to assist in keeping things working smoothly and, more critically, to keep the water neat and tidy. This article will take you step-by-step through the process of installing a full-fledged hot tub system, covering everything from the tub’s components to its plumbing.

What Are The Main Parts of a Hot Tub?

The Hot Tub Body, Shell, and Cabinet

Hot tub shells are essentially what keep your heated water inside the tub. Choosing the right hot tub shell is crucial because it will determine how effectively your tub is retaining heat. If you plan on using your hot tub very frequently, you should opt for a shell that is tough enough to withstand months and years of use. 

The main component of a hot tub is its body and shell, usually constructed of vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, stainless steel, and many other materials. Therefore, if stylistic choices are a priority, you can choose the material that fits your style aesthetically.

Outside the hot tub shell, you have your cabinet, which encloses your hot tub. These are the exterior walls that you see on the outside of your hot tub. Hot tub cabinets are also another major stylistic choice from which you have options to choose from. 

Cabinets come in different materials, such as wood, stone, and brick. These higher-quality materials lessen the chance of rotting, so choosing a cabinet that will keep up over the years is important.

Hot Tub Jets & Pumps

The body of the tub includes the hot tub jets and pumps. A pump delivers pressure to the inside water jets through reinforced hoses; simultaneously, a filtration system gathers and regenerates the water. 

The pressure is delivered to the internal water jets. Hot tub jets and pumps are significant because they are a key factor that separates a hot tub from a pool. Depending on what type of tub you purchase, you can adjust the direction and strength you’d prefer your hot tub to be in. In others, the jets are constructed into the shell, causing them to remain stationary. 

Hot Tub Filters

Another important part of hot tubs is the filters. The hose system will typically include a filter that serves the purpose of collecting trash and particulates. Hot tub filters ultimately tell you the current state and performance of your hot tub. These filters are your key to keeping a perfectly clean hot tub, meaning you must keep up with routine maintenance and cleanings on it and its filters. 

The vast majority of hot tub filters manufactured today are made in the form of cartridges that can be removed, disinfected, and changed with relative ease. Each cartridge has a structure that is usually constructed of plastics and a medium that is looped around the core and serves as the filter for the cartridge. 

Since all particles and bacteria are trapped in the filter, you must change your filters on a regular basis. Failure to do so will result in several unnecessary dirt and grime. 

In cost, hot tub filters can usually range from ten dollars to two hundred depending on where you purchase them from. Here at Modtub, we offer both hot tub filters and filter cleaners on our website.

Hot Tub Blower System

A hot tub blower system results in the water stream compression; this results in a more robust water massaging sensation. The blower is a piece of equipment that uses a fan to generate airflow; after doing so, it forces the air to pass through channels and into jets to release it. 

There are different types of blowers. It is possible to operate blowers on either 110 or 220 volts, and a wide variety of electrical connectors may be used. Consider your electrical system before purchasing a blower.


Depending on the level of complexity of the device, some systems for hot tubs use an ozone activator, which works to remove dangerous chemicals and minerals from the water while also helping to clean the water.

It is a natural way to clean your hot tub. You usually place ozonators directly on the inside of your hot tub. It is geared up with a UV light bulb that may convert oxygen into ozone. The ozone is transported by an air pipe coupled to a jet of water. An air pipe coupled to a jet of water is how the ozone is transported. After that, both water and ozone are introduced inside your hot tub.

Hot Tub Stairs, Lighting, and Covers

Hot tub covers are more than simply an extra that can be placed on; they are, in fact, a critical item that is required to enhance both the safety of your hot tub and the fun you get from using it. Covering for hot tubs often comes at a high cost, but purchasing one is an expense that is well worth it. The use of hot tub covers may assist in protecting a variety of components of your hot tub. 

These include ensuring the safety of your dogs and children, preserving a clean atmosphere, avoiding damaging your hot tub, and producing a large decrease in the amount of money spent on electricity. 

To get the required level of relaxation in your hot tub, it is essential to install some lighting. The wonderful thing about hot tub lights is that in addition to lighting up your hot tub, they may also light up the deck or yard around it. 

We strongly recommend you consider installing lights in your hot tub since they not only illuminate the water but also provide a sharp and clear view of the inside of your hot tub. Depending on the model you decide to buy, certain internal lights can have both their color and brightness adjusted.

Increasing the safety of your hot tub may be accomplished by installing stairs in the hot tub itself. Stairs for hot tubs often come in a diverse assortment of shapes, colors, and styles and may be purchased in a broad variety of materials, including wood, stone, high-grade plastic, and much more! This is one of the many reasons why hot tub steps are so popular.

Keep Up With Maintenance To Have a Clean Hot Tub

Now that you know what a hot tub is and how it operates, you must maintain routine maintenance to ensure its functions are working properly. If you do not keep up with cleaning and maintenance, the longevity of your hot tub will decrease significantly at a fast rate. Having a clean and amazing-looking hot tub should be the ultimate goal if you plan to own your own hot tub.

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