How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost?

A personal hot tub can be a great investment for your home. They’re great for hosting friends and family in your backyard, and the therapeutic properties of hydrotherapy can help you reduce chronic pain and stress. If you’ve decided that you want to invest in a hot tub, the next question is likely “how much does a hot tub cost?” 

The answer will depend on a few factors: Do you need to purchase a new or used unit? What features are important to you? What type of material would you like your hot tub to be made of? In this article, we’ll address all these questions and provide tips for buying the perfect hot tub at the right price.

What are the features I should look for in a hot tub?

  • Size. If you have a small backyard, then a large tub won’t fit in it. You’ll have to find out how much space the hot tub will take up and make sure that it fits with your landscaping.
  • Number of people it can hold. A 3-person hot tub is great for couples or small families, but if you want to entertain guests or host family gatherings, then maybe consider getting something larger like the 5-person model instead.
  • Water jets. More water jets means better massage! If you’re going to be sharing this spa with others, choose one with a lot of them so everyone can enjoy the experience.

What is the general cost of a hot tub?

  • The cost of a hot tub can vary depending on the model you choose and the type of materials used to make it. For example, some hot tubs use fiberglass as opposed to acrylic (acrylic is more expensive), while others use stainless steel or copper components.
  • A decently made above ground hot tub will generally run you $8,000-$14,000; a basic in-ground model costs between $5,000-$8,500; and an ultra-high end spa with all the bells and whistles could cost upwards of $20,000.
  • A used hot tub will cost the least amount of money upfront. The tradeoff with a lower price is the increased likelihood of expensive maintenance soon after purchase. It most likely won’t be under warranty anymore which means you’ll be paying for the repairs out of pocket.

What are some common features and add-ons?

It’s important to note that hot tubs are not just one set style. You can get a free-standing hot tub or a portable model, for example, which is great if you have limited space in your backyard or apartment. There are also different water systems, jet configurations and other add ons available. Here are the most popular things to consider:

  • Jets – The jets in a hot tub provide massages for your tired and aching muscles. Hot tubs range widely in the number of jets. For example, Modtub’s M1 has 38 jets while the M2 has 67. Generally more jets make for a more targeted massage and that often comes with a higher price tag.
  • Seating – You’ll need to decide if you want something small like a 2-seat hot tub or a much larger one with 12 seats. Like with jets, the more seating you have the more expensive the hot tub will be.
  • Water care – There are a variety of ways to help keep your hot tub clean. The least expensive is the traditional method of manual cleaning. You’ll add sanitizers to the spa once a week and test the chemicals. Ozone is the next step up. This comes standard in all of Modtub’s hot tubs. The ozone unit works continuously. You’ll need to add a few things but the ozone does most of the work for you. The most expensive method is a salt water system. They automatically generate the sanitizer needed. You’ll still need to balance the water and do a test strip to make sure everything is running properly. 
  • Lighting – Some hot tubs come with LED lighting while others consider it an upgrade. They can go on the inside of the hot tub or on the outside. You may be able to control it with a built in touchpad or it may require a button. Some hot tubs will even let you customize the colors of the light.
  • Cover –  There are 4 main types of covers: Soft, Hard, Aluminum, and Smartop. Soft spa covers are the least expensive. You’ll need to add a vinyl pillow underneath to avoid rainwater pooling. They aren’t thermal, which means it’ll be more difficult and expensive to keep your hot tub…well, hot. Hard spa covers are the most popular. They are made to custom fit your hot tubs specifications and help resist heat flow. Pro tip: Higher R-value on a cover means better insulation. The trouble with these is that they are incredibly heavy and often require two people to lift. Modtub fixes this problem with their Cover Lift. Once you fold the cover over the bar, the Cover Lift will help you lift the cover off the hot tub.
  • Steps – It may surprise you but this is an optional choice for many hot tubs. Many people opt-out of steps because they’re an overlooked safety feature. Unless you can comfortably step over a 3 foot obstacle while soaking wet, steps are probably worth the upgrade. Some brands, like Modtub, make steps a standard safety feature. Make sure to double check if your choice includes them.

How do I get the most value out of my hot tub?

The first step to getting the most value out of your hot tub is to make sure that you’re buying one that’s the right size, shape, and features for your needs. While it may be tempting to cut out some desired features now to save costs, that may lead to buyer’s remorse later down the road. 

Make sure the hot tub you pick has all the features you want. Make a list ranking what’s important to you and go from there. Compare pricing as you’re doing research. Most hot tub brands don’t post their pricing online. You’ll need time to request the prices from them. Other brands like Modtub list the pricing right there next to their M1, M2, and M3 tubs. The price you see is the price you get. Perhaps most importantly, measure the spot you want to put your hot tub multiple times. Use tape to draw it out if that helps. The last thing you want is to find your perfect hot tub and realize it doesn’t fit. 

Modtub: Making Hot Tub Purchases Simple

If this all sounds exciting to you, it’s time to make the leap. You’ve learned that there are many advantages to owning a spa, and you’ve seen what options are available at different price points. So now it’s time to do something about it! We hope this article has helped answer any questions you might have had about buying a hot tub! If there’s anything else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us (we even respond via texting) or stop by our showroom today.

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