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The price you see includes your fully loaded hot tub, cover, cover lift, steps, start-up chemicals, and standard delivery.

110v Hot Tubs

Our 110v hot tubs are designed to "plug and play." Find the nearest outlet, plug it in, and you're off to enjoying your hot tub.

220v Hot Tubs

Our 220v hot tubs are designed to pull more power. 220v hot tubs have stronger pumps and more powerful jets than compared to 110v.


The ModPlunge makes cold plunging accessible with an affordable, durable, and efficient solution to enjoy all the benefits of cold-water immersion therapy at home.

Swim Spas

Modtub’s swim spas are a hybrid between an endless swimming pool and a heated spa, and they can be used year-round for a variety of functions from exercising to relaxing.

Used Hot Tubs

Browse our selection of used hot tubs that have been fully repaired and renewed.

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Accessories, Filters, & Chemicals

Browse our selection of products, accessories, filters, and chemicals


Modtub Swim Spa

All-in-one above-ground pool, hot tub, and exercise swim spa. You can either relax in a luxurious hot tub or enjoy hours of fun and activity in a swimming pool. With all a swim spa can do, everyone in the family feels like they have their own custom spa.

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