The Best Hot Tub Party Ideas

Is there anything more fun than a hot tub party? Whether you’re hosting a party or just want to liven up your holiday gathering, hot tub games are the perfect way to add excitement. They are great for adults, and kids will love them too! 

There are many great hot tub games that can add excitement to your next party. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Best Hot Tub Party Games

  1. Hot Tub Trivia – This is a great game for getting everyone involved and getting the conversation flowing. You can create your own questions or use a pre-made trivia game. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit!
  1. The Hot Tub Fishing Game – This is a hilarious game that is sure to get everyone laughing. All you need is a fishing pole (or even just a stick) and some magnetic fish. Attach the fish to the bottom of the tub, and then let everyone try to catch them!
  1. Hot Tub Simon Says – This is a classic game that can be played in the hot tub. Get everyone in the tub and have one person be “Simon.” Simon then gives commands (such as “touch your toes”) that everyone must follow. If anyone doesn’t do what Simon says, they’re out!
  1. Water Balloon Toss – This is a fun game that can be played with either two or more people. Fill up some water balloons and then take turns tossing them back and forth across the tub. Whoever drops their balloon first is out!
  1. Musical Jets – This hot tub version of musical chairs will surely be a blast! Set up chairs around the edge of the tub and have someone play a fun song. People should be dancing and moving around the chairs in a clockwise motion. It’s like a stop dance, but the only difference here is when there isn’t a jet blowing up against you when you freeze, it means you’re out!
  1. Charades – Another classic game that’s perfect for a group. Get creative and act out different scenes or movies for your friends to guess.
  1. Marco Polo – This is a great game to play in a larger hot tub. One person is “it” and has to close their eyes while the other players swim around them. The objective is to tag the other players without being caught by the person who is “it.”
  1. Hot Tub Beer Pong – This is the kind of game you need to play when the kids are sleeping! This is just like a normal beer pong ball game, but the cups are in a hot tub – making it harder to score a point for both teams! 

How to Make Your Hot Tub Party a Success

Have a plan

Know how many people you’re inviting, what kind of food and drink you’ll serve, and what games or activities you’ll do. If you’re planning on throwing a hot tub party, you’ll need a few things to ensure the event is a success. First, of course, you’ll need a hot tub. If you don’t have one of your own, see if you can borrow one from a friend or rent one from a local company.

Next, you’ll need to ensure you have enough space for the hot tub and all your guests. If you’re using an inflatable hot tub, measure the area before you set it up to ensure it will fit. You’ll also want to ensure enough space around the hot tub for people to move about freely and safely.

Finally, you’ll need some supplies for your party. Make sure you have plenty of towels on hand for your guests, as well as some snacks and drinks. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Set the scene

Ensure your hot tub area is clean and ready to go before guests arrive. Decorations are an essential part of any party, and a hot tub party is no exception. Decorate with lights, balloons, or other festive touches if you’d like. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when decorating for a hot tub party. First, the decorations should be waterproof. Second, they should be bright and colorful to set the mood for the party. Third, they should be safe to use around the hot tub.

Some great ideas for hot tub party decorations include: hanging lanterns or lights around the hot tub, setting out color-coordinated towels for each guest, filling up inflatable pool toys with water and floating them in the hot tub, or hanging streamers or banners from nearby trees or eaves. Get creative and have fun with your decorations!

Serve food and drinks

Don’t forget about the food and drinks! Have everything ready to go before your guests arrive so that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves. Make sure you have plenty of snacks and beverages for your guests. 

Prepare healthy snacks and drinks. Have platters of fruit and veggie sticks as well as bottles of water and sparkling wine chilling in an ice bucket nearby.

If you want to serve something more substantial, consider ordering pizza or having someone grill burgers and hot dogs. Whatever you do, make sure everyone’s tummy is full!

Keep things going

Keep an eye on your guests to ensure everyone is staying safe and having a good time. Be prepared to adjust your plans if necessary.

Be Prepared for Cleaning Up

When it’s time to clean up, make sure you have plenty of cleaning supplies. You’ll need to clean the hot tub and areas where people sit or lie down. Use a strong disinfectant to clean the hot tub, and make sure all surfaces are completely dry before allowing anyone to use it again. If you’re using pool floats or other inflatable objects, deflate them and store them away until next time.

With a bit of planning and effort, you can create an unforgettable experience for everyone. By following our tips on how to throw a hot tub party, you’ll be sure to make it one they’ll all remember. So what are you waiting for? Get planning and get ready to have some fun.

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