The best places for your hot tub

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a hot tub is where to place it. This knowledge is essential even before you set out to buy a hot tub. Many of us have an innate understanding of how a house should be laid out. The design of your home and yard may significantly impact your mood and state of mind, influencing not just your ability to think clearly and creatively but also your ability to relax and unwind. It is no secret that where you want to put your hot tub is a significant consideration.

Consider these essential tips to help you get the perfect placement for your hot tub:

What Type of Hot Tub Are You Purchasing?

The space you have will dictate what kind of hot tub you purchase. The current standard in urban settings is smaller backyards, so six-man spas or less will let you make additional locations to sit in the backyard. 

The most noticeable benefit of a bigger hot tub is, well, its greater size! A larger tub allows more people to make use of its luxurious waters and may be used in a variety of ways. You may have a good time with your loved ones, and your visitors can join in the merriment if they want. The largest hot tubs have enough for seven or eight people, making them ideal for gatherings of friends after dinner or other late-night activities.

It’s possible you won’t need a larger hot tub. The number of individuals who wish to utilize the hot tub at once might be smaller, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle or have a small family. A bigger hot tub would be wasteful since there would be empty space, and you and your spouse would be farther apart.

You can do the same stretching and exercises in a small hot tub as in a larger one.

ModTub offers three variations of hot tubs, including:

M1 Hot Tubs

A smaller hot tub does not always have fewer amenities. When it comes to luxury, however, there is no sacrifice in comfort with any of our two or three-person hot tubs and spas.

If you’re limited on floor space but still want to enjoy the benefits of a hydromassage daily, the M1 is the way to go. The M1’s 38 jets provide a vigorous, invigorating spa treatment after a long day. The spa has one sofa and two upright chairs. There are 14 jets for the body, legs, and jets for massaging tired hands in the lounge. Relieve your tension anywhere with the M1’s versatile design. 

If your feet are hurting from standing and walking all day, try soaking them in the master massage jet. The hand grip ensures safe and simple entry and exit from the M1. As a hot tub, the M1 excels at hydrotherapy massage, which may be used to alleviate both back pain and tension.

M2 Hot Tubs

Our 5-seat M2 is the perfect size for a small gathering or a fun night out with friends. Shoulder and neck stress may be relieved in the corner seat’s overhanging jets. Lie back and enjoy a relaxing hydro-massage on your whole body in the lounge’s plush seating area. When your feet hurt from standing or walking all day, turn on the master massaging footwell jet. Relaxing inside this hot tub will increase your enjoyment, rest, and recovery.

M3 Hot Tubs

The M3 is the biggest and most popular of our hot tubs, with enough room for five bathers plus an extra on the cooling bench. The M3 is the ideal hot tub for you if you’re seeking a place to host a large group of family or close friends. It has enough room, power, and capabilities to be an instant best-seller. 

There are a total of 19 jets in the hot tub that you may use for the ultimate massage experience.  Shoulder and neck stress may be relieved in the corner seat’s overhanging jets. One of the four upright chairs is equipped with a powerful foot massage jet that may be used to treat foot stress effectively. Each of the two captain’s chairs in the cabin’s corners is equipped with a pair of footrests with jets designed to massage your calves.

Hot Tubs and Their Structural Support

A hot tub’s structural support is critical to the size you pick and its installation. In some cases, your brand-new hot tub may not seem to be as weighty as it actually is. That’s why choosing a spot that can withstand every ounce of weight is crucial. 

Place your stand-alone hot tub on a flat, 4-inch-thick concrete surface in the backyard. You may also use bricks, stones, stepping stones, gravel, or railroad ties. A sturdy, solid footing is desirable because of the hot tub’s size and weight, and it requires a level foundation. It’s important to double-check with a professional builder or building contractor to be sure the spa’s weight will stay within your deck or house’s weight limit before you install your hot tub. ModTub is more than happy to help!

ModTub Will Deliver and Install Your Hot Tub!

When the delivery truck pulls into your driveway with your new hot tub, you’ll need to get it inside. The delivery team must have a well-lit, spacious area to work in. If you purchase a hot tub from us, we’ll ensure our professional crew installs your brand-new hot tub with clear and effective communication. 

When preparing for your hot tub delivery, please be sure there are no obstacles in the way of the delivery truck when you order your hot tub. Tree branches, awnings, gas, water meters, and air conditioners that stick out may all block a path. Moving the spa may involve dismantling a gate, a section of fence, or other obstacles. If there isn’t a landing after every six steps, you may have to reroute your delivery. 

While spas are often relocated by using a dolly or slide sheet, a crane may be needed to hoist the hot tub into place. A crane is often the simplest and safest option for transporting a spa when access is limited. The crane’s boom is attached to a truck so that it will only take up a little room in your driveway. The crane operator will move the spa past obstacles like buildings or walls and set it down as close to the installation location as feasible.

Your Hot Tub is Installed! What’s Next?

Maintenance and drainage are vital to keeping up with your brand-new hot tub. There are several factors to consider when deciding where to put your hot tub, including drainage and the potential for water damage to wooden platforms and other buildings. 

Several times a year, you should completely empty your spa. Put an oil-based sealer on the floor and the wood around the hot tub to keep mildew and decay away, whether you put it inside, on a deck, or inside a gazebo.

After repeated usage, a hot tub’s filter may get clogged with hair, grime, and other particles. You should rinse filters for hot tubs frequently to ensure that only clean water is passing through and that debris is not being recirculated.

A filter for a hot tub may be cleaned using water from a faucet or a garden hose. In this stage, you just rinse the filter to remove dirt and dust, so there’s no need for any chemical cleansers. Open up the filter’s pleats to get the most out of your rinse. 

Contact Us With Any Questions and Concerns You May Have!

Combining your wants and demands with some sense of design can get you to the ideal location for your new hot tub. However, those who need to become more familiar with it may want some guidance. ModTub has delivered and set up dozens of hot tubs, so we can answer any questions you may have. If you want to avoid any last-minute problems and go straight to having a long, soothing soak in your new home spa, many retailers are happy to travel to your house for a delivery consultation.

In 2022, brothers Sawyer and Jesse Hodge from Texas started Modtub by teaming up with an established American hot tub manufacturer to create their own brand of spas. The end result is an innovative range of stylish hot tubs with the most open and competitive sales approach on the market. We are here to help you get your dream hot tub! Contact us by phone at 469.949.2298 or by email at with your questions! 

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