• It’s a Good Day to Get Cold

    You’re never more fired up than at 39°.

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Energy for Everyday — at an Exceptional Price

Advanced Temperature Control

Chiller maintains a steady temperature as low as 39 degrees, even on the hottest days.

Superior Insulation

Energy efficient construction and 2” foam insulation makes the Modtub stand out as one of the most cost effective products in the market.

Exceptional Design

Engineered to have the perfect balance between uprightness and depth, providing a deep soak for full immersion lounging.

American Construction

Founded by Jesse & Sawyer Hodge, two Texas brothers on a mission to help people live stronger, more resilient lives.

Modtub for Health

Fortify Yourself

Modtub cold water immersion activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is vital for controlling stress responses. Learn more about the therapeutic benefits.

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Fellow Plunger Reviews

  • Exceptional Design!!

    Ordered and received within a week and this thing is awesome! Fit nicely in my gym and I was able to get it in the basement by myself. Took all of 10 min to set up and super simple by watching the video provided in instructions! I’m a pretty big guy and I fit in this thin no problem. I don’t even have to cross my legs. 10/10 recommend this tub. From many hours of research I finally pulled the trigger on Modtub and I couldn’t be happier! - Bill

  • Favorite Part of My Morning

    After a ton of research I decided to go with the Modtub. This thing is an absolute beast, and keeps the temp perfect. Had some questions hooking it up and the customer service was outstanding. Received a response in less than 15 minutes. I highly recommend this product.- Keil B.

  • I Love ModTub

    After months of reading reviews and watching videos, I kept coming back to ModTub. Being a cooler, it's the best insulated tub on the market and very solid. The Active Aqua chiller is a quality unit and I was already familiar with it from many years of keeping large saltwater fish aquariums. It's dependable and lasts. The buying experience was simple and my tub was delivered exactly when they said it would be. I'm in every morning for 3 minutes and it's now part of my overall wellness routine. Thanks Modtub!! - Steve P.