Why Modtub is Changing the Game with Its Innovative Cold Plunges

When it comes to taking the plunge—cold plunge that is—Modtub has established itself as a frontrunner. Modtub is not just another company trying to ride the wave of the latest wellness trend. Instead, it’s a brand built on passion, innovation, and a commitment to delivering the best. Let’s dive deep into the story of two Texas brothers, Jesse and Sawyer, and how they turned their side project into a booming business.

From Corporate to Cold Plunges

Every great story begins with an origin, and Modtub's is no different. After spending years navigating the corporate waters in accounting and supply chain logistics, Jesse and Sawyer felt the need to take a different kind of plunge: entrepreneurship. It was a leap from the safety of the 9-5 routine, but they were fueled by the desire to create something revolutionary.

The Pivot to Cold

Launching initially as a hot tub company, they quickly recognized the challenges of the oversaturated market. As their journey with hot tubs started to plateau, they began hearing whispers of a rising trend: cold plunging. Instead of seeing this as a setback, the brothers saw it as an opportunity. And given their background in hot tubs, they had the perfect foundation to innovate.

Innovation in the Garage

The beginnings of Modtub's cold plunge journey were humble, with the duo working tirelessly in Jesse's garage. They had a clear vision: to create a cold plunge tub that was not only affordable but also superior in insulation, simplistic in design, and aesthetically pleasing. And in February 2023, their hard work bore fruit with the launch of the ModPlunge.

Why ModPlunge Stands Out

What sets the ModPlunge apart? It's the culmination of the brothers' unique background, passion for quality, and their understanding of what the market lacked. They brought together the best of both worlds, combining their hot tub knowledge with the benefits of cold plunging. The result? A product that boasts exceptional insulation, streamlined design, affordability, and a look that complements any space.

The Heart of Modtub

Behind the innovative product is the heart and soul of Modtub: Jesse and Sawyer. Two small-town Texas guys, their journey from corporate life to entrepreneurship is a testament to their resilience, vision, and commitment to providing the best. Their dedication to the craft and to their customers is palpable in every ModPlunge they sell.


Cold plunging might be a trend for some, but for Modtub, it's a passion. They've embraced the pivot with open arms, continuously striving to provide the best cold plunge experience at unmatched prices. So, if you're looking to dip your toes into the world of cold plunging, remember the story of the two Texas brothers and their vision. With Modtub, you're not just buying a product; you're becoming part of a legacy.

Supporting Modtub means supporting innovation, passion, and a dream. Ready to take the plunge with Modtub? Dive in today!